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Photography and (dis)ordinary life

Welcome to W.Alter.Ego

It’s a new fase the one I’m living. Bit of new everything, starting with a new domain for this life blog. Had a good inspiration just reading a comment on a post and .. BANG!! There it was.. Have to say it comes from a genious in communications. So easy for this people to see…
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Silver Lining

TBH it is not a bad year at all. I see the whole thing as a great opportunity. Lots of new inspirational things are happening right now, which tells me I was already on the right lane when this started to happen. I’ve gone to my favourite client on the South Bank and took this…
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#RedAlert #WeMakeEvents

Managed to catch up with a few friends from my previous job/life for an event in support of the live music industry, neglected by the Government during this pandemic crisis. It came out as a nice day, lots of known faces, a few beers and the usual laughs and piss taking..  

Choose Life

Choose Life. FUKC the COVID-19, China, the Wuhan market, the bats, the World Health Organization bad advice, Bill Gates, the vaccine, the 5G conspiracy, the restrictions of movement and the strict lock-down. FUKC the elbow salute, the face masks, the rubber gloves and everything that stops human touch. FUKC the fake news, the media blunders,…
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Be There!


Always been fascinated by this phrase, seen for the first time on a screen while working as a roadie to U2’s Zooropa tour. To be honest I’ve waited a bit before writing anything about those events which will have a huge impact in our lives. Had a good time this weekend and that’s why I…
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Radical Spritz Friday

Been good.. And my YT playlist recently named Radical Spritz it’s 6 years old today. House | Deep | Funk | Adult Vibes | Since 2014 156 and counting… Happy weekend. Grande Renato.

Bumpy year

.. So that was the message from the Queen, which I have missed for the first time in years, who cares… Went instead for an alternative Rock ‘n Roll Christmas Day with friends from The Gulps with food, drinks, and jam sessions. Videos to follow.. New Year in Rome where I’ve seen my son growing…
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Hellshed live in London

It’s always a pleasure for me to be invited at small gigs and taking photos while sipping beer to the beat. This time I was at The Gunners pub in Islington where Hellshed and other bands were playing live in a very intimate show. For once lighting was decent to take a few shots.. Meanwhile…
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