Always been fascinated by this phrase, seen for the first time on a screen while working as a roadie to U2’s Zooropa tour. To be honest I’ve waited a bit before writing anything about those events which will have a huge impact in our lives. Had a good time this weekend and that’s why I took the plunge to write a post.

In a world where we may only be allowed to go out wearing a mask for a while, how can we do without seeing a smile, or feeling the warmth of a hug. Never mind kissing..

The amount of info we get from any chosen channel don’t guarantee the truth. Limiting the number of sources we read, listen and watch will have a huge impact on the way we see things happening. Every brain needs to just work out its way towards an explanation about this pandemic/virus/situation/crisis/. Just let it go.

This pandemic has divided people much more than the social distancing.

Don’t believe the truth, everything we know is probably wrong.. Live. Love. Care.