Photography and (dis)ordinary life

happy new year

nice to find some time to post. festive season gone, good stuff out of it both socially and personally. 2018 looks good on the paper. last year at this time i was in thailand having a good time, this time had to skip winter holiday. better safe than sorry and anyway i think a good…
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inspiration #nobby #tattooedfather

got website up and running again, hosting may be playing up a bit but it’s free and can’t complaint either. i’m sure you’ll all be patiently waiting for new artwork to show up. won’t be disappointed, may be the sun out, may be the mood, may be less ordinary work but found time to be creative.…
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deviant is back

long time since. it;s getting longer and longer. i had very busy time and decided to put this project aside. this morning i though it was good time to resume it, with a new den, new ideas, and a fresh start. had to scrap good part of the site and the previous project because priorities take…
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taking shape

a week on and this project is now really taking shape. domain sounds good, short and memorable logo found by chance, as usual. it’s all about simplicity and easiness sparing a few hours during a relaxed weekend, while the other internet is working for me anyway.. drawing ideas on paper and pages. planning to upgrade…
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early sunday

It’s quite funny listening to people living just a couple of hours away saying that’s spring already. no. that’s not the case here. spring in london does not show fully till may if not june working on this project now. i like the idea of having everything in one place. so that’s art, happenings, activities.…
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spring cleaning

long time….. it is normally that time of the year when senses are woken up by upcoming hot season.. and there could not be a better wake up call than this one. i have a few projects in the pipeline, collected a lot of material for my manipulations. still have to put together a System…
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It’s autumn again.. had a great summer of love, party and olympics. lots of feelings, lots of situations, london was unbelievably lively and vibrant. positive vibes throughout. now it’s all grey again, but that fits it. time for a change, … scared? no, forget that. i’m publishing a manipulation of a friend (of a friend..), never…
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a glimpse

wiki  A momentary or partial view…. couldn’t be better explained have a good weekend


probably like my surname (fake) on some social network.. always tried to catch a glimpse of this window, now managed, on this grey day, to realise it. this is what london’s autumn is like… just a few days ago was thinking what makes november so special to me. it may be the greys, may be…
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