Photography and (dis)ordinary life






nothing is what it seems

… not even what you really think IT IS. Run away from ILLUSION. After a colourless time, I’m living a very red period but in a certain way everything looks quite dark, and all this probably shows in my artwork… This summer in England just looks like a very, very long spring, nothing seriously hot…
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self portrait

  This was a little bit of a lucky shot…. standing on a column of the Chichen Itza area, taking a shot of myself with a great scenery as background but…. forgot to reset the zoom from a previous photo… Lucky isn’t it? The original aspect was kept, no trim, no alignment, no crop.


This is actually my first ever manipulation, printed on a poster as well. I used some halftone pattern filter other than just cleaning up the artwork pixel by pixel. If I find it I will publish the original photo.